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Check Real-time rates of PO/CV/OZ/RU, China to North America, Europe, Middle East. we wholeheartedly provide our customers with professional air freight logistics solutions! Cost-Effective。China Freight Experts。Reliable。
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1、Efficient and effective:Direct flights from Hong Kong / Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Shanghai / Beijing / Jiangsu / Zhejiang / qingdao / foshan / ningbo / changsha to US are available. 24 hours transit period, 99% on-time delivery guarantee.

2、No extra fees: We provide fee-free pick-up-from-patron service in our four major places of departure. No need to worry the time-consuming customs declaration and commodity inspection procedures (we can complete such matters on your behalf on request)

3、Satisfying services: We provide 24/7 one-stop services, including pick-up, packaging, customs declaration, commodity inspection, warehousing, customs clearance at the destination port, customs duties payment and home delivery.

4、Unconventional cargo transportation: We are capable of transporting some unconventional cargo, including Dangerous cargo type 1-9 as well as over-length, over-bulky and ultra-high cargo. Has experience in transporting cargo > 9.97M, seafood, animal, food, liquid and other cargos. has acceptance points all over China. We offer very favorable prices for cargo to be transported from Guangzhou-US, Shanghai-US, Shenzhen-Us and Hong Kong-US. Pick-up-from-patron service is available.

How to measure cargo’s weight:

1. We measure cargo in kilograms. Cargo < 1kg shall be charged at 1kg. The minimum weight for transportation is 45kg.

2. Cargo measurement=Cargo length (cm) × Width (cm) × Height (cm) ÷6000 = Dimensional weight

3. Dimensional weight = Measurement (m3) × 167kg × Total quantity

4. Actual weight = Physical cargo weight after weighing

5. Chargeable weight = Dimensional weight or actual weight, whichever is larger.

6. Heavy cargo: Actual weight > Dimensional weight of cargo

7. Bulky cargo: Actual weight < Dimensional weight of cargo

For more information on Air freight China solutions, please contact: 86(755)21520606ext801 Whatsapp: +86 18665397085 AnYun Consultancy With Us

Our strengths:

1. Platform strength: ay-batterytransport has fixed freight space with every major airline, offering long-term stable and low prices. We have offices or branches at every port, annual Air freight China volume exceeding 10000T.

2. Qualifications: Our qualifications include Class A forwarder, WCA & IATA member, major RA boarding provider, DG license and JC TRANS member.

3. Transportation solution: We have a group of experienced staff in this industry and they are capable of providing all-around, professional and cost-effective solutions to customers.

4. Operating system: We’ve established cooperation with CARGO WISE, the most advanced operating system in the world, to provide the best solutions.

5. Our departure airports for cargo transportation: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport; airlines cooperated with us transporting cargo to New York: Cathay Pacific (CX), AirBridgeCargo (RU), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH), Cargolux (CV), Turkish Airlines (TK), Polar Air Cargo (PO), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Air China (CA), Singapore Airlines (SQ), Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV), Thai Airways (TG), China Eastern (MU), Emirates Airlines (EK), Asiana Airlines (OZ), Hainan Airlines (HU) and All Nippon Airways (NH), etc., as an air freight operator based in Shenzhen, is one of the first few logistics companies in China that provide customers with international one-stop Air freight China solutions. With years of international import & export airborne logistics experience, we’ve established long-term cooperation with over 500 quality agents, covering Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia. We are capable of providing international Air freight China and other logistic solutions for customers all over the world with favorable prices, and help you lower the international air freight. More than that, we also provide information on several international Air freight China price systems and channels, and offer customized international air freight solutions. By doing this, we will fulfill our commitment of proving safe, time-saving and efficient transportation solutions and meet various demands raised by our customers.

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