Dangerous Goods Transportion Servies

- Sep 03, 2019-

Some goods that are classified as hazardous materials may surprise you, such as aerosols, perfume or anything containing lithium batteries – like phones or laptops.

It’s the shipper’s responsibility to ensure dangerous goods are correctly declared, packed and labelled with the right documentation for the countries of origin, transit and destination.

  • Our services Include:

  • Contract Packaging Service in Bonded warehouse
    Order fulfillment service in China bonded warehouse
    Distribution Service in Bonded Warehouses
    Export consolidation service
    Bonded warehouses storage
    Other value-added services: labeling, picking, packing, carton ect. 
    Distribution Service in Bonded Warehouses
    Contract packaging service

For our order fulfillment service: From port to custom, we do the best job of fulfilling your goods. If you sell merchandise online and would like order fulfillment service outsourcing, our internet-based shipping and return processing services offer The Complete Package solution. Our array of fulfillment services includes: 

(1)Custom advanced fulfillment quotations by friendly & experienced staff. 
(2)Discounted shipping fees on inventory sent to us via our preferred carrier. 
(3)Inventory receiving & storage in our secure and clean fulfillment centers. 
(4)SKU labeling (optional). 
(5)Pick, pack and production, including assembly & kitting. 
(6)Online order processing on our web site via manual order entry, CSV file uploads, or XML file integration with your e-commerce partners. 
(7)Order confirmations(optional). 
(8)Reports-Manage your inventory from your desktop. 
(9)Global shipping fees via our shipping partners. 
(10)Ship tracking for customers. 
(11)Returns Processing. 
(12)Weekly order fulfillment and shipping invoices based on the prior week's activity. 
(13)Monthly invoices for product storage fees. 
(14)Support staff to assist you from 8: 30 a. M. To 6 p. M., Standard China Time, Monday through Friday.