Logistics Freight Forwerder Battery Price

- Sep 09, 2019-

If you need transportion cargo in China to your country.
Remember to contact me.

(Anyun is one of the most professional forwarder suppliers in China)

Description of cargo? 

Weight (kgs)? 

Volume(Cubic meter)? 
Where is your supplier in China? 
Where do you want to dlelivery? 
Do you want to door delivery or to port delivery in destination? 
Do you prefer sea freight or air freight or courier? 

1,Anyun-logistics: We contact your suppliers to get the information about your cargo.
2,Anyun-logistics We will choose a suitable to pick up the cargo from suppliers.
3,Anyun-logistics: We will consolidate the cargo in our warehouse for one shipment.
4,Anyun-logistics: We will issue the export license together.
5,Anyun-logistics: We will provide whole packing list&invoice to you together.
6,Anyun-logistics We will do the customs clearance as one shippment.
7,Anyun-logistics We will ship the cargo to you.(to the destination port or your warehouse).
8,Anyun-logistics: We will update the status of your shipment to you daily&weely.